Software Development Outsourcing vs. In-house app creation

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What is Outsourcing?

Many people have some misunderstanding about the term "outsourcing". Let us make it clear and define the true meaning of this concept. It is the practice whereby agencies enroll in other firms to perform tasks and provide services or products, such as app development services. In short, if you are looking for a vendor to perform a task for your organisation, you will outsource a specific service, not implement it internally. Often agencies like to outsource some types of work, which helps save money and labor costs. In the case of software development, outsourcing becomes the most commonly used option. Hiring third-party developer team allows clients to focus on their core products or services, while achieving greater efficiency and productivity.


Sometimes referred to as domestic and foreign packages of land outsourcing is outside the firm to seek a national service provider. So when some representatives of the UK company are looking for an app development firm in the UK, the executor will be outsourced at the supplier's margin. Outsourcing helps avoid cultural challenges, time zone differences, and language gaps. But in general, relocation is not economic.


Offshore outsourcing refers to the task of exporting from another country to the company, and that is why it is often called outsourcing overseas. Often firms prefer to hire offshore app development agencies around the world to reduce labor costs and save taxes. For example, British firms often hire Indian software programmers, hoping to lower interest rates. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of the software provided by this country experts, this experience can lead to disappointing expectations, wasting money and time.

In-house development

Internal software development, unlike onshore outsourcing, means using the company's own resources (including assets and employees) to operate and perform tasks within the firm. After analyzing the costs and related risks, the company will carry out an internal mission statement. For example, if your organisation is a network service provider and you need IT professionals to maintain the site every day, upgrade and integrate other resources, the internal development team will be more efficient than the IT team . Depending on the size and core activity of the business, the needs of software experts, app developers, and Web developers vary, requiring outsourcing specialists or internal staff.

Pros of in-house software development

In addition to the main business activities, services or products related to the main departments of business activities, if profitable, agencies can also maintain other internal departments.

  • Maintaining the internal service can make your performance more flexible
  • It also has another functional advantage to help firms improve operational and mission-level control results
  • This option has less security risk because all agency data will not leave the company
  • Finally, the internal team will always see how your organisation works and get a better understanding

Maintain the expertise of internal software developers

Whether it's mobile applications or web systems, realisation of software creation requires multiple IT specialists from business analysts, designers, coders and QA testers and their collective work management and control. With regard to the continued advancement of technology in terms of functional and design standards, these IT specialists must keep up with the time spent participating in different training sessions, meetings, and meetings, or you may run out of obsolete applications that you do not meet to your business needs and customer expectations. Before you recruit internal programmers, you should consider some challenges:

  • Firstly, you should consider internal software development, while you in the long term prospects often need this service, otherwise, compared to outsourcing, you will bear all costs will be more. Given the indirect costs associated with the working space, salaries, compensation pascage, regular training and recruitment of staff in charge of the department, the internal planning department will be expensive
  • Second, if you prioritize the fast time-to-market strategy, this option will not be appropriate because it takes a long time to recruit new employees, merge them, and familiarize them with the work and needs of the agency
  • Finally, on the other hand, overall development control is the ability to estimate the results and quality of software products. Here you have two options, you can get sufficient qualifications in the field of IT, allowing you to verify the code and perform quality tests, or hire highly paid specialists responsible for quality assurance

If you intend to create an independent business direction based on information technology, which will require constant technical support, internal development is a better choice. However, if you need a short-term project that does not require routine maintenance, internal development will not be reasonable.

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Why Outsourcing Software Is Developed?

The outsourcing software creation means that the agencies you hired are concerned with recruiting and training employees and quality control. The demand for software construction is high, which is why a variety of first-class service firms, so that the software creates outsourcing with the highest cost, the fastest and most reliable way to complete the work.

Remember while outsourcing IT

Control and security

Outsourcing means that third parties are engaged in business activities. The performance of the third party you choose to collaborate on is usually described in the contract for which you specify the task, request, budget, and time frame. Often this participation can be risky because the outsourcing agency has no direct control. You should be very clear about the specifications specified in the agreement, including the company's data security. And hire a team of project managers who will keep in touch with you, which will allow the construction process to be faster and strengthen control of the situation.

Quality assurance

One of the main difficulties faced by client firms in outsourcing development services is quality control. There is no professional knowledge in programming, it is impossible to evaluate the quality of the code. You run the risk of buying a pork poke. To avoid wasting money and effort, you can hire some local experts as consultants to deal with coding standards. Also, look for a IT firm, if the quality assurance department pay attention to the quality of their software solutions, please note.

Cultural gap

Even compatriots in app development are also difficult to achieve mutual understanding. The relocation can lead to cultural issues related to differences in a set of ideas, attitudes towards time and simple misunderstandings. In addition, there are different time zones that make the communication process more complex. Of course, modern transportation means this problem more smoothly. If you are outsourced from the same country, on land, you will not meet this challenge.

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