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Smartphone app development service company has established and delivered mobile applications for over six years, gained valuable experience and gained insight into users' needs and mobile trends. We have collected smart business analysts and co-project managers, experienced designers and experienced programmers, experienced software engineers and quality assurance specialists, and we work together to bring innovation to everyday life and to work. We know the inside of the mobile department and we can share the experience and insight into the life of your forward-thinking ideas.

How to start your first smartphone app?

The growing demand for smartphones in business and everyday life requires that more memory be provided for mobile applications and portable devices can be converted into efficient tools to meet any need. Business people who see this trend can see smartphone business applications offer hundreds of opportunities for employees to give employees and attract customers and time to market is the key to a successful mobile strategy. But even if you need to get to the market as fast as you can, watch that fast waste. We would like to share with you a list of key aspects that should be considered before starting mobile program development.

Plan carefully

Just to have an idea of software is not enough, additionally you have to estimate the competitor’s actions, user’s needs and preferences as well as the existing on the market out-of-the box and bespoke programms. To develop a clear concept, you'll need a solid database that will help you build the right mobile strategy. When we talk about data, we mean market research, competitor analysis, and user behaviour. You should know how to make the product unique, so, that the users prefer your software against the competitor's product. Professional companies like ours usually have a business analyst department that provides this service, creating a market research with detailed report with an expert opinion and project strength and weaknesses estimation.


When you approach a smartphone software developer, you will be asked to provide a list of project specifications. Depending on the target audience, you must determine which platform your smartphone should run on. Define your functional set. Do you find a valid software for your employees or find an interactive app to meet customers’ needs? Do you need secure data storage with real-time updates? Or issue notifications to attract users? Do you want to integrate social media features to promote your brand? Try to capture a clear view of the idea. Do not worry if you do not know all the answers, the team will be happy to clarify every aspect and help you find the best solution.

Do you plan to monetize your smartphone app?

Answer this question before beginning the application development process, as some monetization strategies must be integrated into the app architecture. For example, if you want to pay for content such as advanced profiles, virtual currency, or other content, you must notify the software development team. In-app ads are the same. If you want to integrate it into the program with banners, videos, or any other type of adverts, the developer must integrate AdWords or other third-party platforms to reach revenue stream. We do not recommend you publish the price of your smartphone app in Appstore. Give the user time to understand the program, look at its benefits, fall in love with it.

Set the budget

Developing inexpensive applications will waste money and time, and will seriously affect your company's reputation. To get high-quality, high-quality applications, you'll need expert knowledge and skills of specialized developers. Depending on your needs and the complexity of the project, the cost of developing applications can be between £ 10,000 and millions of dollars. The average MVP development (lowest viable product) ranges from £ 30,000 to £ 40,000. Get the free quote from the IT company and remember the project budget.


Quality assurance is one thing to protect the reputation of your brand. It's important to ensure you provide high-quality applications to your customers. It must be safe, stable, resistant to stress, well executed and available - there are many other aspects which must be tested before launch. IT company can assure you that we only offer first class quality. In addition, our quality assurance experts begin to analyze your smartphone app project in the conceptual phase of the potential challenge and use that data from the beginning to eliminate serious errors. The following tests will help us make the program perfect.

Create a buzz

In addition to creating intuitive and engaging design with powerful app features, to be successful, you need to create a buzz before you begin. The marketing program must begin at least 2 or 3 weeks before the program starts to prepare to the next target audience, and then you can rely on the response you want to attract more users. Follow the directions when publishing a smartphone programm on an application store. Those facing the app will first read its description and choose whether to download it or not, based on what short explanation. The first three lines presented in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store should be convincing and catchy, so users want click the "Read more ..." button.

Native app: iOS or Android?

If your goal is to provide customers with the best possible user experience, you should choose native app development of smartphone app, because of the SDK and API, developers can use all the features of smart phones to provide the most functionality. But not everyone can afford the development of applications for two or even three platforms, facing a dilemma, be it Android or iOS.

Android operating system

First, think of the target audience and the goals of the smartphone solution. Android operating system including Samsung, Sony, LG and many other well-known brands get the largest market share. Android-oriented programming allows higher levels of customization because of its openness. If your main goal is to attract a large number of viewers and first promote your brand, consider the Android app creation. On the other hand, the fact that the Android Market is fragmented makes development more complicated and requires additional work in the design and coding sections. Some of the changes in the various display and brand operating systems make it difficult to deploy applications which offer seamless performance across all Android devices, making it nearly impossible.

iOS platform

iOS ranked second in the market share of smartphones, more than a billion users. IOS may be subject to more restrictions, but at the same time, it is the most secure and stable platform so developers can customize the program and give people an impressive function. IOS users are called wanting to pay for people who offer great profit opportunities and provide new revenue streams. The features of the Apple device, the invincibility and functionality of the operating system, and the quality of the product make the Apple smartphone the best way to do business. That's why you're trying to build an efficient app which works with mission-critical data and give employees an iOS app creation that is also considered the best business choice.

Our clients

Cross-platform applications: pros and contras

Today, mobile app creation is "necessity" for businesses of all sizes. Of course, you want to maximize your audience reach by enabling applications to run on multiple platforms. Local development will ensure the most attractive and attractive user experience, but it requires a high cost. Another option is cross-platform app making which allows you to reduce costs and cover a variety of operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows.

Custom solutions made with agile methods

We are a professional developer of smartphone applications with six years of experience and hundreds of success stories. At that time, we worked on software development for smartphones and other mobile devices, and we built a continuous development process based on agile methods. The process means iterative development cycles to ensure customer flexibility and transparency. That is why custom smartphone app receives feedback from customers throughout the process so that we can improve on delivery in the process to meet customer expectations Results. Whether you need a local or cross-platform app, our team will ensure you have a first-class product which will help you achieve your business goals.