Our Development Cases


Review Coins

Our customer has created a well-known media loyalty program that allows its members to monetize their social influence. At first, this program was available only via a website. So a forward-looking entrepreneur was looking for a mobile realisation of this program. We developed a mobile app that substitutes physical loyalty cards and provides awesome rewards experience. Checking-in functionality lets users earn rewarding points for review activity and later this coins work as discounts. Thus, the app helps businesses to get a promotion and customers to get their rewards for social activity.



Our customer approached us to create a real-time tracking application that analyses productive working hours. We built a system that monitors user’s activity and updates it to the database. The program can print user’s desktop screen and view browser history tracking user’s workday activity building daily and monthly reports. Besides, users can change their geographical location informing the system about new IP address via which it will continue report about their working hours.


Awning Range

In collaboration with a Norwegian company, our team has built an eCommerce website with an integrated web tool that lets users customise the awning to their requirements and define the cost of their particular product. With the help, of this calculating tool, we created a responsive design with automated customer support facilitating the actual sales. Site’s functionality also enables to place orders, call engineers and pay for the order via a safe payment gateway.



One of the publishers approached our team to create a mobile application which will unite several magazines and meet needs of all readers providing them with a variety of topics. The has a huge catalogue of topics which simplifies user’s search. Unlike paper magazines the app present news and articles in short posts providing only basic information, so it is easy to read and at the same enough to be aware of all latest news. We designed the user interface considering customer’s requirements implementing his visual identity and preserving intuitivity for users.



One of our recent development cases was dedicated to the creation of a comprehensive mobile application that embraces the information about products and services available in the neighbourhood. The system works based on user’s location creating a list of nearby available options. The app provides local business owners with an opportunity to promote their business via a new channel and lets customers discover the nearest places which provide a required service.


Med Records

A private clinic owner applied our team to improve records keeping practices and enhance customer relationship. We wrote a program using web technologies uniting all the records creating a single database available to all the health care workers. Registered customers also have some limited capabilities which enable them to access their own data and medical records at any time via their mobile phones or desktop computer.