How to Become a Great iOS Developer

If you are here, you want to develop an app for iOS. Don’t know what to start? The Internet is full of blog posts about various tutorials, videos, guidelines and how to become an iPhone developer. As Apple's professional app developers, we know how to become an iOS guru, so today we are sharing our experience with you to guide you into the world of native Apple programming.

Introduction to App Development

Our iPhone developer describes the five steps needed to be a leading developer. Many of us who began to learn the iOS environment and the programming language hope that some similar materials of the time are available. This publication will save you a lot of time and effort, so please pray for good luck. We have prepared this tutorial for those who have no programming experience, but if you created an iOS app it could be useful, so please read. We will strive to make it accurate and easy to understand by touching on important issues and core aspects of the environment and app development tools. Welcome to the world of mobile development.

Phase 1: Learn the Basic Principles of iOS Programming

I have read thousands of videos and read dozens of books about Objective-C and otherx programming languages, but I can not navigate through this huge amount of heterogeneous data and, at times, I lack important knowledge. I know many developers. Therefore, I will only organize well, relevant and well organized in different operating systems, only if you have a clear picture of smart phone programming, keep in mind that you watch videos and read blogs. We strongly recommend that you start with a source that has been created.

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How to Find Reliable Sources of the Development of iOS Applications

In addition, from sources of untrusted books, video courses and other tutorials created by amateurs who do not fully understand the iPhone environment, they will not provide you with valuable information, but you can probably create a simple iOS app that is blocked in 2 hours. Of course, if you just want to see how the development of the iOS app is, this information is absolutely sufficient, but if you want to take it seriously, you should systematically focus on perfecting the skills 1.

Understand the Introduction/exit of the Platform

If you can not find the right approach to learn iOS development, it will take forever to create your first mobile app. It happens for the reason: he has not had difficulty learning the basics. Simply asking the stack overflow thread and how to do certain things properly in Google will not be too far in iOS development. To develop high quality applications, you need to know how the system behaves from the inside. We need to understand the strong and weak aspects and understand that different approaches maximize value.


The two aspects that must be observed first are the following.

  • Fundamentals of coding
  • Object oriented design

By learning these two aspects, you can refine the basic aspects of iOS development and other experts in the IT field with refinement.

Why it is Important to Start with the Basics

I have a friend who is a professional coder once. He said he wanted to know what aspect of Apple's development he remembered first when it started. He said he was learning iOS, he said he was reviewing Apple's official document, but in fact it does not make sense. However, when you understand the basics of Objective-C coding, everything will be configured. We recommend the video course at Harvard University. A video course for beginners who want to learn the basic principles of computer programming. It is a very complete course that covers all the important details and explains everything in simple English.

Phase 2: Basic Programming Concepts

Let us clarify from the beginning. I met Swift's claimant, but I say it's the most amazing programming language. Another reason why I like Swift much more is because he has previous experience and Swift is similar to the language you already know. As a member of the extended iOS development timer, Objective-C may seem like a foreign language to newcomers. Objective-C vs Swift is one of the hottest debates on the World Wide Web. Do you think this discussion is productive? Unfortunately, that is not the case. It would be better to practice coding than to read those threads.

Register as an Apple Developer

We strongly recommend that you join the Apple Developer Program to not only have access to the official iPhone creation tool and the Xcode integrated development environment, but also to provide the opportunity to test the product on a personal device. Also, since only registered developers can send applications to the App Store, it is the only way to bring products to market. With the Apple developer account, you have access to many valuable resources. The main advantage of the membership is a set of advanced tools and services, access to analysis, extensive beta test function.

Learn Swift or Objective C

Objective-C is the main language used for creating native iPhone applications. But, a long time ago, Apple introduced a language extension called Swift. This is said to be easy. In fact, many developers have completely changed Swift and use it in combination with Objective-C. Of course, you can develop software for iPhone using other languages, but if you are starting a career as a mobile developer, we recommend starting with these two languages.

Find your Source

So, find a good book on Objective-C and enter the exciting world of iOS programming. You can search for a reliable source of information in Objective-C on the Internet, ask questions in a dedicated IT forum or talk to iOS developers and recommend really good things. Once you have learned the basics. You can continue with confidence and get more information about the iOS design.

Main Reasons to Learn the Programming Language of iOS

The main advantages of canceling Objective-C over iOS development beginners are the following.

  • A lot of GitHub repositories written in Objective-C.
  • Many inherited codes available.
  • Stack overflow questions and answers in Objective-C.
  • Are you seeing the reason why Objective-C starts with better words?

Why Objective-C is Superior to Swift

Imagine this situation You have just learned to develop iOS and you face problems that you can not solve for yourself. As I need help, I'll go to the Internet and to Google's response. In the case of Objective-C, we spent a lot of time and effort trying to find ways to help him.

Your First Choice

So, if your goal is to become a professional developer someday, Objective-C should be the main choice. Most IT developers rarely pay attention to Swift from many developers because Objective-C is more stable, takes more time and is more tested, and has a respectable reputation, but the iOS programmer does not waste time.

Objective - the experts are using programming languages ​​other than Objective - C. Once you learn it, you can not prepare to proceed in other ways. In addition, Objective-C will continue to be a leading person in the development of iOS applications. There are no signs that it will disappear for years.

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Stage 3: Practice for iOS Programming

Since I learned the basics of the Objective-C programming language, let's move on to the real development of iOS. The main guide for iOS programming is the Apple Developer Guidelines that you can find on the official website. Once you read the Apple guidelines, you can create a very simple iOS app for the first time in the Xcode development environment. It's a way to master how it really works, so you can practice your skills. Apple's guidelines describe important aspects to maintain Apple's high quality standards and create high-quality iOS applications that meet excellent design. Please, do not ignore the official Apple document.

Validate your app ideas and discuss projects with professionals
Before proceeding with the actual coding, we need to verify the survival idea so as not to spend money on applications that nobody wants to use. After all, the development of the iPhone is not cheap, but rather expensive. As a result, you must test your app so that it stands out from the competition at all times and produces an appropriate ROI. If you want to know how consumers think about your idea, tell your family, friends, business partners. The comments of the users are valuable useful assets in all the stages of creation of the app.

Stage 4: Create the First App

At this time, he has read many app development projects with several tutorials and Apple guidelines. I have never worked on your own project until now. The time has come. Please encourage him and find the concept of an intelligent app. What you really want to do is provide better value to you and the consumers, improve the world and differentiate yourself from the competition. But the key to the success of the project is their desire, dedication and determination. These aspects are the most important because the development of applications is a big problem that I want to abandon along the way. You must always move on to anything. Please make sure that the traps and misfortune do not destroy it. Finally, I am a good iOS developer who is proud of my work and my achievements.

The iOS developer team wishes you good luck
Our developer’s team will help you when you need to ask someone about iOS app developments or get professional work done in time and budget to create your first iPhone app. Do not hesitate to contact us.