Order Your Own App Design in London

We are crazy about the ease of use in the design of our web solutions.

Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiastic and skilled app designers from London and we are creating the best native Android and iOS programs that we can find in App Market, such as App Store, Google Play and more. We are excited about technology. We will support the business in every aspect of digital development from the UI design,prototyping and user tests to the 3d party code review.

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App Designers London will Make Your Ideas Alive

What we love about the design process is conceptualizing ideas and making the concept more valuable. Our experts are very aware of the life cycle of digital products and can plan the evolution of the app to obtain the best results. In addition to conducting a thorough market research, we welcome customers to participate actively in each stage of the design process. Once you share your ideas and approve the software requirements specifications, we will move on to designing future maps, creation of personal and product prototyping based on the user’s wishes.

Our Service

Do you have an idea for the app? Whether it's a small store, an internationally recognized brand or a medium-sized company, we can do it animated.

  • User interface and user experience design We have a user-friendly interface and an excellent user experience with all devices of screen size.
  • Website development We want to establish a strong online presence, create all kinds of websites for large and small businesses.
  • Clear code and extensive experience. The experts write robust code and are successful with a wide range of advanced technologies.

User Experience and User Interface Design

Our excellent UI and UX designers know how to attract users through a friendly interface and an excellent experience. They know how to organize what color to choose and what kind of interaction to incorporate to have the most enjoyable and fun time in your app. Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest design trends, experts will be able to keep Nodies unscathed.

Programming and Publication

All the digital products we design can be verified as unique and adapted to meet your specific business needs. We carefully select the experts who have total control over the design process and have the best experience for the project. We hope that all projects are animated. It is flourishing in functionality and improving the design conditions until it is complete. We will ensure that your app meets the strict standards set by Apple and will be published in the App Store in the initial publication.

Marketing and Mobile Support

The efficient mobile marketing strategy is a complex process. Requires detailed market research, continuous optimization, online promotion, rigorous analysis. In the modern world, if you have a dream team of resources and marketing like us, making your brand visible is not difficult. Investigate user behavior, gather all important information about similar products, analyze user comments, optimize and improve apps, provide a memorable experience to all customers,

Native and Web App Development

Based in London and offices in other cities around the world, we design and program native apps, responsive websites and web-based solutions on all major platforms, including iOS and Android. . Using the latest technology and experience in the industry, we are designing an intuitive and intuitive smartphone app and a mobile friendly website. If your website is not yet optimized for mobile devices, your website is not optimized for mobile devices as it improves the visibility of your brand and position in the Google search ranking.

Analysis and Communication

Through in-depth analysis and business analysis, we will deepen ties with the target audience, learn about their wishes and endeavor to encourage them in the form of functional and convenient mobile solutions. Encourage team cooperation, actively participate in decision making, share all the information about the progress of the project with you, confirm that it is completely transparent, always informed about all the steps the designer takes. I will do it.

Mobile Optimization

Do you know that modern people spend more time on the Internet with smartphones than with desktop computers? For this reason, it is very important to facilitate access to websites with different screen sizes and different operating systems from different smartphones and tablets. Customers are advised to avoid problems accessing your site, loading, adapting size and content quickly to specific screen sizes and providing a comfortable overall experience on mobile devices.

What we Believe in

We admire the customer dedicated to making creative ideas vivid and, first of all, to the new company. We love to overcome to prove it and improve the excellent reputation and excellent experience. The team aims to create a program that will better transform the world, inspire people and bring joy and productivity to their lives. The collaboration with a team of third-party designers implies great confidence, we strive to meet your expectations and offer first class products that really fall in love.

Our clients

Fundamentals of our Culture

Software Design Process

In the IT industry for many years, we have designed an efficient process, we can guarantee the quality of the product, provide the software on time and fit within the allocated budget. Thanks to a highly structured process, we can launch products in the market and connect with consumers as soon as possible. The process usually consists of the following stages:

Discovery and Design
The first step to take advantage of your idea is to evaluate the time, evaluate the budget and define the requirements of the project. Without obligations, we will offer free consultation strategies that will bring you closer to your business objectives. Define the audiences you should target, identify the requirements of the project and help you find the best way to bring your products to market. IT specialists can also prioritize features for implementation and help you choose the best platform for your concept. This stage can be organized by Skype and other video call services, at the London headquarters.
This is the design stage of the architecture and definition of the logic behind the app. The team will contribute to the project, provide familiar ideas with technology on how to optimize and improve the original idea, transform it into a first-class digital product that consumers love. In this stage of software design, we carry out a thorough market research, validate similar solutions, create models for the app and compose the app content, monetization and marketing strategy. Once everything is properly organized and the client accepts all aspects, design the software interface according to the easy-to-use UI and UX guidelines.
After the creation of the prototype, start the actual programming, create the function and implement all the functions specified in the requirements of the digital solution. From the homepage to user assistance, programmers program magical apps, create beautiful graphics, design exciting images, attract the attention of customers and guarantee high retention and conversion rates. We will place the most experienced experts in the specific industry in which you are doing business to ensure the best business results.
Once the coding is complete, you can do a rigorous test and implement the program on the actual device, make sure everything works as expected and that there are no errors. Experts in quality control carefully review all aspects of the interface and all content, meet high standards and confirm that the product is ready for release to the public. Before publishing your app in the App Store, we will send you a product. You can try it and approve it.

Do you Need Professional Advice?

With offices in London and other cities around the world, first-class IT experts, such as developers, designers and business analysts, are creating meaningful software for mobile and desktop devices. Do you have a wonderful idea of ​​digital products that need to be verified? Our app designers from London, are pleased to analyze and evaluate its feasibility and bring it to life.