App Builders in the UK: How to create an App

As a UK professional developer, we are glad to help clients solve their IT challenges. Here we are going to introduce you to the UK's most popular app producer list and provide you with professional information on creating software with builders.

Mobile development

The necessity of enterprise mobile software solutions increases the options available from professional IT companies to the UK and the global builders of automation applications that may be used to build software. Although software builders can be helpful to small businesses in fitting their mobile development needs, professional IT organizations in the UK are the best option to many industry because they offer the most profitable and better. The need to understand the knowledge, technical experience, and design and coding skills of software builders can hardly replace innovative and experienced software engineers.

Leading app developer in the UK

The company may claim to have the most professional British designers and designers who have multiple business areas of expertise and a sufficient industry insight. We have proven hundreds of successful projects and have met customers who are constantly returning to the UK and around the globe and are working with IT professionals. For many years we have worked with small and large companies to provide users with an excellent user experience and excellent performance. We have mastered all the possible ways to customer objectives via intelligent software solutions which supports, Android and iOS operating systems.

Our experience

Our UK team brings together all possible mobile experts to bring together knowledge and experience to reach our shared goal: deliver top-notch applications which impress with their features and experience and add real business value to their owners. With the help of the cutting-edge technology and tools, we bring the most creative ideas. We focus on , iOS, Windows Mobile and Web development, and we integrate third-party services with access to all emerging APIs. Whether you need a native app or a cross-platform solution, we will ensure high performance and security programs with an insect-free user experience. Our company in the UK offers full cycle development, starting with the validation of project concepts and market research, processing every detail of the project so that the user interface is designed, coded and sent to the app store.

The app builders as an alternative

Because of its cost, the idea of ​​creating a mobile IT solution may be put on the ice. However, if your business needs to mean that the app represents itself in the mobile ecosystem and you do not have the budget to start developing, you can try a custom app builder. This practice is widely popular in the UK in the hope of exploring a small business representative with personalized and customized informational programs in mobile ecosystems.

What is App Builders?

The app builder is a DIY platform (Do-It-Yourself) that allows users to use mobile applications without coding technology. These sites are the template builder with the WYSIWYG editor, which is available to all UK citizens over 13 years of age. It allows you to build a user interface and integrate features with button clicks while viewing the end results. Development usually takes no more than an hour, the cost of maintenance is about $ 100 per month.

The disadvantages of using the program Builders

The existence of such a simple and intuitive toolset may be unbelievable: so why do we need the entire company dedicated to IT development customization? So the answer is obvious. DIY app builders are far from perfect and can not provide valuable programs for our portable devices. There are many shortcomings and decisions to establish a mobile solution with one of the app vendors that voluntarily manage the risks associated with this development approach.

Basic functions and design

The DIY website can not provide a unique design, implementation of corporate images and complex functions. They provide template adjustments so that you may implement some basic and fairly basic things. The app builder generally provides very limited functionality and can only create a table / list program that performs only the information function. It's the same as design because your custom is limited by the template provided.

Security and stability

If you work with a team of professional developers, IT production sites may barely provide half the security and flawless nature of the program. Even with the best app creator in the UK, you can not guarantee that the program is protected and stressed. The insecurity of your computer has damaged your reputation.

Poor user experience

The app's creator is designed to provide multi-platform solutions to empower all portable devices in the UK and around the world, but even the UK's leading development companies may spend a lot of time providing simple programs to implement them into multiple devices. The challenge of all existing operating systems is the presence of their own requirements for IT products which are completely different. Using builders won’t let you create a one-size-fits-all solution. The result will be the best case in the wrong user experience, and the program will fail in the worst case scenario.

No return on investment

If your goal is to generate a return on investment, you will need to build a highly available app which has a unique design and excellent functionality. applications in the UK or elsewhere do not provide these combinations of features which may cause your return to be compromised.

Successful IT development requires the perfect combination of skills, experience, experience and creativity. If your business goal is to develop a mobile solution which attracts users and is popular, you should consider UK professionals make your vision a reality. If you can not afford a professional team and seek a temporary solution to help your business move, try using a DIY app to create a website.

UK three leading app builders

The best app builders in the UK offer professional software in an affordable way without the need for coding technology. Create a program which meets the needs of the modern business. The DIY platform should provide the main functions, including:

  • integration of social networks
  • push notification
  • services based on location
  • synchronization and adaptability to different devices

We have already seen the DIY site and listed the most popular app builders in the UK.

Our clients

Bizness apps

The Bizness app is a multifunctional app developer based in the state of California. Almost any small business representative can build an IT solution for the company, whether related to the food industry, real estate, sports, e-commerce, hotel or charity. For a monthly price plan of $ 59, you can create and view original iOS and Android applications and have the opportunity to update your features and content without having to republish. The plan also means that you can find all the features in the functional small business categories, third-party integration, endless push notifications, and powerful analytics. Another advantage of Bizness applications is the ability to create custom pricing plans using the services you need. What you can implement includes:

  • Food order
  • Shopping cart
  • Push Notifications
  • Sharing content
  • Global Positioning System
  • Mailing list and so on

However, some options, such as e-commerce, are quite limited and do not offer all the desired functionality.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is one of the most well-known builders of applications and international service providers, with two offices in the United States. DIY to create hybrid program based on HTML5, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry and other major platforms, and provide free mobile sites, unlimited access to users. The constructor means dragging and dropping the controller, making program creation as simple as factions. Eliminate the pricing plan of the Appy Pie brand will cost $ 50 per month. The construction process includes category selection, interface design, personalization. The architecture also enables to create program based on the existing website. The great advantage of this app builder is a video tutorial that details the authoring process. The Appy Pie offers all the necessary features, including:

  • Blog Integration
  • Social media
  • Push Notification
  • GPS Tracking;
  • Phone with one click and so on

Unlike the GoodBarber builder, the planned version is not included in the plan and requires additional payments.


With the help of self-service tools (such as app and websites builders), the development costs are relatively low, easy to use, quick listing, looks very attractive. Some of them are for your business to create a temporary mobile solution, but there are hardly anyone who represents your company for years. While the site authoring has several functions, the functionality of the program itself will be poor due to its performance limitations.

Get professional advice

Some people like to go their own way. In IT development, this method may waste your time and give bad results. That is why our UK company is happy to support you to explore mobile ecosystems and help you create your own business applications to ensure the cost-effectiveness of your investment. Call us and ask questions about software implementation.