4 Very Controversial IPhone Apps

The iPhone app store is filled with apps of various latitudes and longitudes that have been created for various purposes from recording your bowel movements to tracking your grocery list. Developers and App designers are struggling to come out with apps that would stand out in this vast crowd. Most have failed, but a few have succeeded in creating the Adam’s apple very few users can resist.

Here is a list of some very controversial iPhone apps out there.

#1: Tipsy

Are you drunk? And do you have to drive back a long way before you reach the comfort of your bed? Well that could be a little difficult with all the DUI checkpoints that have been set up randomly around the country. But do not fret. Tipsy is an app for drunk drivers out there who are trying to escape these DUI officers and reach home safely. This app tracks all DUI roadblocks set up in your area and provides them to you on your map. Now you can escape these areas without getting caught. Is it really Ethical? Well no. That’s why it’s in this list.

#2: My Shoe

Nobody is going to forget that incident where a shoe was thrown at the former President George. W. Bush. Well, developers couldn’t resist themselves. This app was created to enrich that very event. This game allows you to throw various forms of footwear at the former President. So whether you’re pissed with somebody and want to get that anger out, or just want to kill some time, brace up and start throwing those stilettos or maybe a flip-flop.

#3: PinPointsX

Talk about controversial. This app allowed you to find suitable erotic partners with the help of GPS maps in any desired location. It allowed partners from Craigslist to indulge themselves. Initially it seemed pretty innocent for two individuals to meet up for sexual activities, but there was a growing concern on it being used by Sex Traffickers and offenders. So Apple had to pull it down from the app store due to repeated complaints.

#4: I Am Rich

Now this is an app unmatched in its innovation and frugality. Now you would think most apps would cost at around $10 and have some sound features and functions. Well think again. This app was introduced in the Apple Store and it cost $999.99! All it did was allowed you to show off a bright red gem on your home screen and that’s it. And eight people actually bought the ‘I am rich’ app during its lifetime in the app store.

So talk about controversy or uselessness iPhone App store has that covered too.